Detoxifying Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

A gentle and soothing cleanser that kills bacteria and removes dirt and oil.  It exfoliates the skin for a glowing look, while preparing the skin for other treatments.


Remove Bacteria, Dirt, and Oil

Soothe and Calm Irritated Skin

Gently Exfoliate Dead, Dull Cells

Prepare Skin for Treatment Products


The Key Ingredients are Why This Cleanser is Special

Glycolic Acid for Exfoliation and Killing of Acne Bacteria

Glycolic acid is a fantastic ingredient in acne treatment products.  It is a fruit-based acid that gently exfoliates dead, dull skin cells and helps you wash away the dirt and material that is clogging pores.  It allows the acne treatment ingredients in the cream to penetrate fully, to clear out the acne breakout, and to fully help the acne heal.   Last but not least, it helps your skin have a healthy, youthful glow without the irritation that is often associated with exfoliators in other acne treatments.

Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter
These ingredients are all word-renown for soothing and calming the skin and speeding healing. Since they are all non-pore-clogging and do NOT contribute to breakouts, they are perfect for helping the appearance of acne breakouts that suffer from the redness and irritation that is so common.


Your Satisfaction Matters

You’re Protected By Our GUARANTEE. If the miraculous success stories, the rock-solid science, and the amazing pictures aren’t enough to make you feel 100% secure in purchasing the Detoxifying Cleanser for Acne-prone Skin, we will go 1 step further! You get a 30 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, where if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return the products for a CREDIT. This way, you get to try this fantastic product practically risk free!

How to Use

When using the Detoxifying Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin in your skin care regimen, it is important to be consistent.  Using twice daily, morning and evening is recommended.  Also, this is a serious treatment, and the ingredients take a little time to build up to sufficient levels in your skin for optimal benefit.   Steady, consistent use is key.

STEP 1:  Rinse your face with warm water to remove all excess dirt and oil.

STEP 2:  Shake the bottle of Detoxifying Cleanser well.

STEP 3:  Dispense a nickel-sized amount of the cleanser into your palm, and work into a lather.

STEP 4:  Rub the lather onto your face or area of treatment.  Let the cleanser sit on the area for at least 30 seconds.

STEP 5:  Rinse clean with warm water and dry with a clean, soft towel.

The Detoxifying Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin will clean your skin of bacteria, dirt and oils.  It will also soothe and calm your irritated skin, especially if caused by an acne breakout.   Dead, dull cells will be exfoliated, and your skin will be ready for other treatments, like the Acne Clarifying Cream.

Customer Reviews

Dermagist Skin Care Products
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 5 reviews
 by Denise

I was afraid to try anything new because everything I try breaks me out plus I have patchy dry areas on my nose. I am 61 years old and my skin is in worse condition than it has ever been. I talked on your chatline to get a recommendation for my skin type and I was told to try the detoxifying cleanser along with Original Wrinkle Cream. In less than a week, I can not believe the difference in my complexion. My pores are smaller and my complexion is clearing and no more dry wrinkles are less noticeable.

 by Olga

I had very bad acne. My skin has improve alot. I love this product will continue using it. Thank you Dermagist

 by Casey

My skin recently took a turn for the worst...after spending a small fortune at the dermatologist on creams that did nothing by dry out my skin, I stumbled upon Dermagist and my skin has dramatically improved!! The cleanser has left my skin smooth and relatively blemish free. I'm definitely a believer!!

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