Hydro Renewal Hand Cream

A rich, deep moisturizing cream that relieves extreme dryness, while reducing age spots.  The nourishing aspects of this cream also thickens and smooths thin, crepey skin of the hands.


Hydrate and Nourish Very Dry Hands

Fade Sun Spots and Age Spots

Thicken Thin, Crepey Hand Skin

Shield Hands from Environmental Toxins


A Double-Approach to Treating Old, Dry Hands:


Striving to provide an Age-defying benefit to the hands.
The hands are the most environmentally-exposed area of our bodies. The result is often that hands are quite wrinkled, spotted, dried and cracked. In other words, looking much older than they are. It’s no surprise that many people consider the hands to be the truest picture of a person’s age. For that reason, many people want to have the youngest-looking hands possible. The Hydro-renewal Hand Cream uses ingredients formulated to to attack the signs of aging like spots, wrinkles, and discoloration. By benefiting those aspects, this product offers users the possibility of much younger-looking hands.


Nourishing dry, cracked, environmentally damaged hands.
Virtually even the slightest exposure to the environment can cause hands to become cracked, dry, flaky, and worse. While some grocery-store-brand creams aim to help these symptoms with greasy products that claim to seal in moisture, it’s not really enough to directly benefit ultra-dry or cracked skin. The Dermagist Hydro-renewal Hand Cream focuses on not only sealing in moisture, but on replenishing the skin through science, allowing even severely damaged skin to improve. This second aspect of the product is what raises it above the competition, that only aims at one single aspect of benefiting the hands.


Your Satisfaction Matters

You’re Protected By Our GUARANTEE. If the miraculous success stories, the rock-solid science, and the amazing pictures aren’t enough to make you feel 100% secure in purchasing the Hydro Renewal Hand Cream, we will go 1 step further! You get a 30 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, where if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return the products for a CREDIT. This way, you get to try this fantastic product practically risk free!

How to Use

When using the Hydro Renewal Cream, it is important to be consistent.  Using twice daily, morning and evening is recommended.  Also, this is a serious treatment, and the ingredients take a little time to build up to sufficient levels in your skin for optimal benefit.   Steady, consistent use is key.

STEP 1:  Rinse your hands with warm water and a high quality cleanser or soap.  Work up a lather and rinse them clean.

STEP 2:  Pat skin dry with a clean towel.

STEP 3:  Dispense a nickel-sized amount of the hand cream on your finger tip and massage it into both hands, paying extra attention to the back of the hands, and any spots or wrinkles.

STEP 4:  Let the cream completely absorb into the skin.

The Hydro Renewal Hand Cream will nourish and moisturize even the driest of hands.  It thickens and firms crepey skin, and fades sun spots too.  Your hands will be looking younger than ever.

Customer Reviews

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 6 reviews
 by Hane Holder

I just started using this product a week or so ago, and I absolutely love it. I hate creams as the ones that moisturize are greasy and sticky, and the light ones don't do anything. This is the first cream I use that is light, not greasy, incredibly smooth and hydrating. Once you put it on, you really feel the difference. I am so glad I got it.

 by Pam

I'm on my second bottle of this product & subscribed to auto renew. This lotion is non-greasy and greatly improves the appearance of your skin, especially in the winter months.

 by Roseann Elson

wonderful hand cream! I am starting to see improvements in the appearance. It is definitely making my hands look younger!

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